We offer a wide range of services for individuals and organizations. If you don’t see what you are looking for below, contact me for a free consultation to see how I can help.

Archival Services

Site Assessments
Assessments of your collections to recommend and create a plan for reaching best archival practices.

Arrangement and Description
Creating finding aids and processing collections.

Assessments and recommendations, workshops and trainings.

Disaster Planning
Recommendations and resource planning, collection specific disaster plan creation.

Records Management
Creating plans and advising on storage, disposal and records life cycle.

Digitization planning, scanning, metadata creation and management of digitally born records.

Research Services

Academic research, house histories and genealogy. Perfect for authors, podcasters and more.

Academic to corporate, I can help you find the information you are looking for.

Newspapers and Databases
Not sure where to start with this type of research, let me help.

Writing and Teaching

Funding is always a priority for non-profits and small institutions. I can help you find, write and implement grants to further your goals.

Local history, archival techniques or interviews

Consultations to plan exhibits based on your collections or on site work to create and install

Virtual Training
One on one training via phone, Zoom or screen casting to help you learn how to use a specific resource or database.

Webinars or on site training for the general public, staff or groups on archival methods, historical research and more.

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